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…are coming from Istanbul:

“…Welcome to target’s universe / Career is the true keyword / A life with full of praise / Don’t have a personality just be a herd / Be a doctor or engineer / Be a teacher or banker / You’ll win last forever / They’ll put your name on the banner / Work all day more than sleep at night / Are you happy Project Child? / The more you study, the more you learn /

Project Child / PROJECT YOUTH / Die!”


“…Get killed on sidewalk! / Do you know who is next? / Can’t solve it by talking / Don’t question it just pay your tax. / Gun, truncheon and shock! / Learn to live with the attacks / Made them rich by working / Are you happy in these wracks? /

You? / Or me? / Who’s going to do something to destroy these awful things /

Invisible chains are far and wide! / Freedom Fight! / Work like a slave all day and night! / Freedom Fight! / What’s the difference after the election day! / Freedom Fight! / Stop the silence! / We have to say: Freedom Fight!


Middle East / You will die for your nation / Middle East / Parents choose your religion / Middle East / There is only one gender / Middle East / Blood smells like global power /

Guns are toys / Brave little boys / Born to be a soldier /

Middle East / I can’t hear a melody / Middle East / I forgot the rainbow’s meaning / Middle East / Killings are happenin’ clearly / Middle East / Western world is playing…”


“…Close your eyes / Don’t use your mind / Just believe in our god / Don’t change your side / This is your big fight / Just live in your little pod / Want respect, but don’t give any one / Everybody have to change their lifestyles / Key phrase is “This is god’s fight” / Don’t you believe in? / KILL KILL KILL! /

Too many houris wait for the strong men / Booze and sex are sins in their universe / When you die, all of these will be free on the glen / I want to go heaven / DIE DIE DIE! /

A Man / May want to kill / If two man loving each other / But everyone / Says “they are evil” … / … Sharia Hurts!