leş gibi – leş

Posted: January 11, 2015 in DWNLD, Instanbul, musica, to my friends
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( we take it from: anticopyright.tr )

01-anarşi her yerde!
02-katil sam
03-mavili dallama
04-börtü böcek
05-uyan! (artık sistemin köpeği)
06-sıkmalık portakal
08-devletin eli kanlı
09-her gün 15 mayıs!
10-şimdi anarşist olduk
11-yatağan zehir soluyor!
13-okulda kaos
14-if the kids United
15-şimdi anarşist olduk (canlı)
16-ankara yollarında
17-mavili dallama
18-tüyabın ayyaşları

leş is an anarco-punk band from istanbul. the band was active during 1999 – 2002. this is a d.i.y album, that’s why not so qualitied at record..( but their music is good and lyrics are political )

indir / download *

 ps : we used the cover prepared by etilen fanzin, because there is no photo of the band..

* Watch in U-Tube: Leş – Anarşi Her Yerde! *



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